Symmetry Spire (10,560')

Symmetry Spire, rising immediately above Jenny Lake, appears insignificant when the entire range is viewed from a distance, but this small peak has played a major role in the development and history of Teton mountaineering.  The routes pioneered by Durrance and Jensen became early classics of the range and served as standard objectives for enterprising climbers who wished to apply their skill to Teton rock.  With the advent of newer, more difficult rock climbs such as those in Death, Garnet, and Cascade Canyons, the Symmetry climbs have seen reduced activity, but they remain fine climbs and even today can be recommended.  Although it is primarily a rock climber's peak, ice axes must usually be taken because of the steep snow in Symmetry Couloir in early season and in the Southwest Couloir even in mid-season.

August 4, 2018
Approach and descent of Symmetry Spire are dry.  Ice axe not needed.

June 8, 2017

The Jaw from the summit of Symmetry Spire.